About Momentum

Our Mission – to empower women to change the world through Jewish values that transform ourselves, our families, and our communities.

Momentum seeks to inspire women to transform themselves, transform their families, their communities, and the world. Our flagship program, the MOMentum Year-Long Journey, empowers women to connect to Jewish values, engage with Israel, take action, and foster unity, without uniformity.

Momentum Canada was born to perpetuate the global mission of the movement.

Inspire a woman,

you inspire a family.
Inspire enough families, you inspire a community.
Inspire enough communities, you can change the world.

our goals

The MOMentum Year-Long Journey empowers women to:

Connect to Jewish Values

Living our lives through the lens of Jewish values fuels meaning and impact for ourselves and those around us. Momentum’s Core Jewish Values are unity, generosity, peace and wholeness in the home, dignity, courage, faithfulness and trust, gratitude, and learning and growth.

Engage with Israel

A relationship to the land, the people, and the State of Israel is integral to our Jewish identity and history. Our global sisterhood is strengthened by a powerful connection between our sisters around the world and our sisters in Israel.

Take action

By setting personal goals, becoming role models to our children, and growing as leaders, we can make a difference for ourselves, our families, our communities, and the world.

Foster unity,
without uniformity

When we emphasize the values that we share, we are able to embrace our global Jewish family. Even with our differences, we honor each other because we are all created in the image of God.

Our Results Are Extraordinary

How Have Their Lives Changed One Year After the MOMentum Year-Long Journey?
2018 Results

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Inspiring Stories

“Thanks to the hard work by countless individuals and the generous financial supporters, my life is enriched and forever transformed. You are a blessing.” Nikki S.
Ottawa, Canada
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Eight women from different backgrounds and affiliations gather in Utah for a shared purpose – to empower women to change the world through Jewish values that transform ourselves, our families, and our communities. The “Utah 8” creates Momentum.

Back Row (left to right): Dana Sicherman, Lori Palatnik, Rebecca Dorfman, Cindy Zitelman

Front Row (left to right): Manette Mayberg, Michelle Leader, Lara Novack, Jeanie Milbauer

Momentum launches its inaugural MOMentum Trips. Three trips, with 100 women each, explore their souls, their heritage, and the Jewish homeland.


Momentum welcomes more Partner Organizations. Our Partner Organizations double from 12 to 24, and the Momentum community expands to include Latin America.


Israeli women join Momentum. During their MOMentum Year-Long Journey, Israeli women explore their Jewish identity and strengthen their connection to the Jewish people, while serving as a living bridge between Israel and their sisters all over the world.


Momentum hosts its first North American Momentum Conference in Washington, D.C., bringing 75 women together for leadership skill-building sessions; discussions with international educators, motivational speakers, and entrepreneurs; and continued growth opportunities.


Momentum launches its first MoMENtum Trip for Men with 85 men, answering its community’s growing demands. An effective complement to our MOMentum Year-Long Journey for women, the MoMENtum Trip for Men is a boot camp for living awesome lives that are guided by Jewish values.


An official partnership with the Israeli Ministry of Diaspora Affairs enables Momentum to bring more women to Israel. The Israeli Ministry of Diaspora Affairs shares Momentum’s vision that women can and will positively transform the world through Jewish values.


With new Partner Organizations in the Commonwealth of Independent States and Eastern Europe, Momentum inspires more Jewish women through Jewish values, impacting families across the world.


In a year of many firsts, Momentum launches its first Influencer Trip – a Fashion Trip for women in the fashion industry. We publish our Year of Growth curriculum, partner with 20 Jewish Federations, and welcome our 10,000th Momentum Trip participant.


Our Inaugural Momentum Fellowship invites 16 women around the world to turn their passion into action. We launch our first Latin American Momentum Conference, Conferencia Momentum, and expand the Momentum experience, welcoming women of all backgrounds and ages on Momentum Grand. Our second influencer trip, Media Magnets, brings 30 leading North American Jewish women influencers to Israel. The Momentum Community in Israel blossoms to 500 people.


Momentum Canada created!

With deep gratitude

to all donors who have invested in the movement in 2019. Today thousands of families are living inspired Jewish lives, engaging with Israel, and taking action in their communities.
We would especially like to recognize our major supporters from 2019:

Thank you!

The Dan-Hytman Family Foundation
Gerald and Sheryl Hartman
Jonas and Lynda Prince
The Friedberg Charitable Foundation

Choose your Journey

For Jewish mothers with children under the age of 18

FREE (excl. airfare)

Each woman gets a $3,300 scholarship

Partner Organization contributes $700 per woman

The Israeli Government contributes $700 per woman

To participate in the Momentum Year-Long Journey, women must live in close proximity to a Partner Organization. See our partners list here. Please notify your Community Leader with any updates to your application


Mainly for the husbands of Momentum sisters

$900 for Momentum husbands

Each man get a scholarship of $2,100-$2,400

Partner Organization contributes $700 per man

The Israeli Government does not contribute to the Men’s Trips

To participate, men must live in close proximity to a Partner Organization. See our partners list here. Please notify your Community Leader with any updates to your application