A New Appreciation and Love for Judaism and Israel

Last days!

On Sunday, we went to Masada and visited the Dead Sea! Floating in the dead sea was an amazing feeling. We covered our self in mud and enjoyed our “bath.” Such a fantastic shower after! So refreshing!

Riding camels on a mountain was a cool experience. Following this, we had an option of pita making and yoga.

The touching part of the night was a ceremony for those that have never received an official Hebrew name. We heard sisters tell their story, and it was an emotional moment. Then we danced on the top of the mountain with our sisters. The music and mood lifted everyone present.

We had a free evening to enjoy dinner, and many women in our group decided to hang out together. We stayed out way too late, but we enjoyed singing, dancing and just talking. We made some new lifelong friends and connections to Judaism and Israel.

Today we reflected on our experience and wrote ourselves a personal letter that we will get in a few months sharing how we were feeling and what we might want to do to take home what we have learned on our journey! I thought this would be challenging at first, but the words actually came really easily as I filled the front and back of a piece of paper.

Personally, my family participates in a lot of service work as that is important to us. I want to extend that and connect more to some Jewish charities.

We met a few Israeli soldiers who had inspirational stories. I have a new appreciation and understanding of the Israeli army.

The closing celebration was really fun! It was filled with speakers, great food, and more dancing! We definitely bonded with our new sisters.

This experience was something I will remember forever — a new appreciation and love for Judaism and Israel. Time will tell how I incorporate what I have learned this week, but I do want to be a more patient parent that incorporates a few more Jewish traditions in my household in a fun way.

The one tradition that we have adopted in our home is for Purim. For the last 10 years, I have invited families over to make hamentashen. It has been our tradition, and I know my kids will always remember this. I need to think a little bit more about how to make other Jewish celebrations FUN! I also want to invite my new family of sisters and friends to our annual tradition. It was reinforced that everybody’s traditions and ways to incorporate Judaism in their life can be different! Make it fun and special to your own family!

As Nili would say, make today the best day until tomorrow!

Michele Mizrachy
AISH South Florida


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