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Today, our healthcare workers are on the front lines of a frightening war. Join us in supporting these brave and selfless individuals. Sign up to be matched with a healthcare professional that you can support from afar. Keep them in your prayers. Express gratitude for them. Send good wishes their way. Positive thinking and prayer really can make a world of difference.

When you sign up, we will send you the name, profession, and location of a healthcare worker. If you know healthcare professionals who could use a prayer, please consider submitting their names.

How It Began

“I wonder who is praying for him. I wonder who is praying for the rest of us,” writes emergency physician and Momentum alumnus, Dr. Louis M. Profeta, in his powerful essay from the emergency room. We created Care with a Prayer to support Dr. Profeta and the many doctors, nurses, first responders, social workers, and other medical staff who put their lives at risk to help those who are ill.

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Prayer is an expression of the heart

It can be in any language, said anywhere, at any time. Just as a parent wants their children to come to them for anything, so too with God. There is nothing too big to ask for, as God has already given us the greatest gift of all—life. Everything else pales in comparison. Pray for those in need, including yourself, it will give you strength and help lift the world. We can pray from our heart, in any way that feels right and personal, or we invite you to say the following suggested prayer:


Dear God, Creator of heaven and earth — we ask you from the depths of our hearts and souls to please protect those on the front lines of this war– all of the courageous doctors, nurses, hospital workers and first responders. Their selfless efforts inspire us to call out to You. I ask you to please protect ________________, who has a special place in my prayers. And when this time passes, may we emerge as better people committed to making a better world. May it be soon.



This prayer was created by Momentum’s Israel Public Council, a group of diverse

women from Israel society with the aim of fostering unity in Israeli society and the



This campaign was made possible by the generosity of:

Andrea and Wayne Nathanson

Dedicated to all the heroic

healthcare workers on the


To all the doctors, nurses, first responders and essential workers - THANK YOU!

Let us continue to spread positivity, prayers and unity. Help us maintain this project and promote this initiative.

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